kanji koshi_Koshi / Latticework

Inu yarai, a traditional Japanese low fence typically made of bamboo shaped like a quartered oval, is used for keeping dogs from peeing on the exterior wall. It is also said to be used to keep away eavesdroppers on rainy days.

Design & Styles

  • senbon goshi

    Senbon goshi

    Senbon goshi, literally meaning one thousand strips, is latticework with tightly spaced narrow strips.

  • men goshi

    Men goshi

    Men goshi is latticework with wide planks instead of narrow strips.

  • kogaeshi goshi

    Kogaeshi goshi

    Kogaeshi goshi is latticework with eqally sized strips and gaps.

  • oyako goshi

    Oyako goshi

    Oyako goshi, literally meaning parent and child, is latticework with a combination of wider strips and narrower strips.

  • kiriko-goshi

    Kiriko goshi

    Kiriko goshi is latticework with with 2 to 4 strips trimmed at a regular interval on the top for lighting. The variations of this type was commonly adopted for businesses related to fabrics, which required more lighting.

  • ara goshi

    Ara goshi

    Sakaya goshi is same as Komeya goshi with a redish color paint finish, called Bengara


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