kanji nijiri guchi_Nijiri guchi

Nijiri guchi is a small entrance at a teahouse, whose size-about 60cm x 60cm(2ft x 2ft)-forces guests to vow before entering the tearoom.

kanji kinin guchi_kinin guchi

Kinin guchi is an optional entrance besides Nijiri guchi at a teahouse, provided for nobles to enter without vowing down.

How to Use

illustraion of how to enter nijiri-guchi

Put your fists and knees on tatami mats, as you lower your head into nijiri guchi. Slide forward your knees to fully enter, and that movement, called njiru is the origin of nigiri guchi.


  • image of Chasodo's nijiri-guchi

    Chasodo in Okayama

  • image of Kaho-an's nijiri-guchi

    Njiriguchi(left) & Kininguchi(right)
    Kaho-an in Kyoto

  • image of Shokintei's nijiri-guchi

    Shokintei in Kyoto